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6 artists that changed genre big time

Musicians need to constantly reinvent themselves, because music trends change and audiences expect their favorite artists to always come up with something new. There are many singers who started with a certain music genre and ended up switching to something completely different. Many times, this change turned out to be auspicious and bring those artists to international success. Here are some interesting examples of artists who used to sing or play something completely different from what they had embraced at the beginning of their career:

1. Taylor Swift – country pop

Taylor Swift at her concert

Taylor Swift has become immensely successful after giving up on country and switching to narrative songs about her personal life. At 14, she had begun to pursue a career in country music and even became the youngest artist ever to sign with the Sony/ATV Music publishing house. In 2014 she made the big change by releasing the album 1989, described as “sonically cohesive pop album”. Swift’s music currently contains elements of pop, pop rock, and country.

2. Bob Dylan – folk rock

One of the most famous American singers and songwriters, Bob Dylan is also a writer and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. Bob Dylan is one of the best-selling artists of all time and early songs like “Blowin’in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin’” belonged to the folk genre. Although he had immense success with folk songs, Dylan left the American folk music revival base and switched to rock in the late 60s.

3. Katy Perry – Christian pop

Katy playing guitar

Katy Perry used to sing in church as a child and in her teenage years pursued a career in gospel music. She is a daughter of two pastors and had a strict Christian upbringing. Her debut studio album still belonged in the Christian genre and was unsuccessful (2001), so the next year she rebranded herself and ventured into secular music. She also changed her stage name into Katy Perry and became famous in 2008 after releasing the single “I Kissed a Girl”, controversial for its homosexual theme. Throughout her career, Katy Perry has sold 100 million records all over the world.

4. Michael Bolton – hard rock and heavy metal pop rock ballads

Michael doing acoustic shows

Who would have thought that Bolton’s soft voice used to appear in hard rock and heavy metal songs in the 70s and 80s? Another less known fact about Bolton is that all his grandparents were Russian immigrants and his actual name is Bolotin. After opening for Ozzy Osbourne on tour but failing to obtain the lead vocalist position for Black Sabbath, Michael Bolton hit the music world with the famous “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?” and from that moment on, he decided to stick to the pop rock ballads he is best known-for.

5. Pink – R&B pop and pop rock

Pink’s first record label with the girl group Choice was in the R&B genre and it was signed in 1995. Three years later, the group dismantled and Pink obtained a solo deal, releasing the pop album Can’t Take Me Home in 2000. The album still had R&B influences, like Pink’s music even at the present day, but it was a definite stylistic change from what the artist used to sing before. In her second album, Missundaztood, released the next year, Pink opted for pop rock and became famous with songs like “Get the Party Started”, “Don’t Let Me Get Me”, and “Just Like a Pill”. One of the most prestigious awards received by Alecia Beth Moore (Pink) is the BMI President’s Award for “her outstanding achievement in songwriting and global impact on pop culture and the entertainment industry”.

6. Alanis Morissette – alternative rock electronica and dance pop

Alanis perform live

The Canadian-American artist started her career in Canada in the early 190s, with a grungy and aggressive alternative rock style. The switch to a dance-pop style suited best her emotive, mezzosoprano voice, but Alanis has also maintained some rock influences in her music. Less-known facts about Alanis Morissette: she has a twin brother who is also a musician, her parents were teachers, she had a Catholic upbringing but now practices Buddhism, and started to practice Iyengar Yoga to balance after her stressful tours in late 90s. Her signature song is considered “Ironic” (1996), which was nominated for two Grammy Awards. Her last album is Havoc and Bright Lights, and she released a collector’s edition of Jagged Little Pill in 2015, for the album’s twentieth anniversary.

For these artists, changing musical genres turned out to be a good move, and the switch either helped them to reach stardom, or enabled them to maintain their popularity. Music fans loved these major shifts and bought these artists’ albums in large numbers. What other artists who made similar moves do you have in mind?

6 huge music festivals in the world

Going to music festivals is a favourite pastime activity for many people, and even if you are not such a big music enthusiast, you should try this experience at least once in your life. This type of event takes place in almost every corner of the world, and can make the difference between doing something boring for this weekend and having a great time. Here are some of the biggest music festivals in the world, if you are not afraid of crowds.

1. Exit, Novi Sad

This music festival is held in Novi Sad, Serbia, at the Petrovaradin Fortress. It is considered one of the best major European festivals and 200,000 people attended the event in 2013. In 2014, the EU Festival Award proclaimed Exit the “Best Major European festival”. Music genres you can listen to at Exit include EDM, rock, metal, punk, drum and bass, and reggae. The festival takes place starting with the second Thursday of July and lasts for four days. The festival started in 2000 and has been awarded multiple titles since them, more or less officially: the best festival in the world (The Guardian, in 2006), the best tourist destination (The Guardian, in 2008), and one of the eight best festival destinations (The Sun, in 2012).

Stage diving

2. Latitude, Henham Park, UK

The first edition of Latitude was held in 2006 and the gathering is similar to continental European festivals, unlike other events in the UK. Latitude is organized by Festival Republic, known to run the Reading and Leeds festivals. The event takes place near the town of Southwold, on an idyllic lakeside. The festival’s trademark is represented by rainbow-dyed sheep, and indie rock lovers will definitely enjoy the music played here. Some of the names on the 2016 festival lineup were The Maccabees, The National, Chvrches, Sidestepper, Father John Misty, and The Lumineers.

3. Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Florida

Unlike most music festivals, which are scheduled in July, this EDM American festival takes place in March in Miami, Florida. The name of the festival comes from Depeche Mode’s album Ultra from 1997. The festival was founded in 1999 by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes, and had a huge attendance of 330,000 in 2013. The same year, the festival lasted for two weekends, to come back to its original one-weekend format in 2014. Pre-sale tickets sold out in under five minutes in 2014, and the nineteenth edition of Ultra Music Festival is scheduled for 24-26 March 2017. General admission tickets are sold out since January 2017.

Guitar Solo

4. The Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland

The Montreux Jazz Festival is the second largest annual jazz festival after the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Canada. The festival currently has a two-weekend format and also includes blues, rock, and soul bands. It is a festival with a long history, as its first edition took place in 1967. The Montreux Jazz Festival is scheduled for the first fortnight of July and attracts an audience of more than 200,000 people. Three international competitions are organized every year at the Montreux Jazz Festival: Solo Piano, Guitar, and Voice. Some famous albums have been recorded live at the festivals, and artists who have done it include Alanis Morissette, Alice Cooper, Carlos Santana, Deep Purple, Ella Fitzgerald, Jamiroquai, Ray Charles, and Tori Amos.

5. Coachella, California, US

With an attendance of around 700,000, Coachella provides approximately 190 acts on 6 stages. The festival, on its full name Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival had its inaugural edition in October 1999, headlined by Beck, the Chemical Brothers, Tool, Morrissey, Jurassic 5, Underworld, and Rage Against the Machine. The festival was created with alternative and indie rock music lovers in mind and was also inspired by European music festivals. The title of “the anti-Woodstock” was earned due to favouring artistry instead of radio popularity. The latest editions featured appearances of artists like Madonna, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, Guns N’Roses, Sia, and Grimes. Coachella has earned the award for Major Music Festival of the Year for 11 times.

Outdoor Show

6. Donauinselfest, Vienna, Austria

This is a huge festival, with a maximum attendance of 3,2 million and 2,000 different acts per edition, held in Vienna, Austria. Although it lasts for only three days, it takes the crown for the biggest festival in the world. The crowds gather on a 6.5-kilometre stretch of the Danube Island since 1983, and some of the most memorable performances from Donauinselfest were those of Falco (1993), Bonnie Tyler, Shaggy, Zucchero, and Master Blaster. An issue with this festival is the danger of flooding, and many times the event was almost cancelled after thunderstorm warnings. Some concerts never took place because of the bad weather. In spite of these difficulties, Donauinselfest remains Europe’s biggest open-air event, organized with help from 1500 volunteers and police forces. There are 21 different areas or islands where musicians from a very wide music genre range perform.

Audience looking at the performer

These amazing events make you want to go to a music festival even if you are not a regular at music concerts and we’re sure you’ll have a great time no matter what destination you choose.

7 excellent music clubs in Europe

For music enthusiasts, a city break or a longer holiday is boring without going to the club at least one night. Music venues are a must-see if you want to feel the vibe of the place you’re visiting, so, if your next holiday destination is a city in Europe, you should definitely check out the clubs on our list:

1. Fluxus Ministerija in Lithuania

An art project rather than just a music venue, Fluxus Ministerija or The Ministry of Fluxus was open in 2010 in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The original location was in an abandoned medical building, but the venue has moved to a former shoe factory in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second city by size. The name of the venue is inspired by the art movement called Fluxus, which emerged in the 1960s in the US and eventually spread in other countries as well. This movement was against the commercialization of art and wanted to end the domination of self-important elites in this field. The venue is definitely an unconventional one and music lovers will be surprised at every step.

Club Lightning

2. 20/44 in Belgrade, Serbia

20/44 is the best-known music club in Belgrade, Serbia, and the party here is guaranteed to continue after sunrise. The interesting thing about this venue is its location – you’ll be dancing on a boat moored on the Sava River. You can shout as loud as you want, because the windows are open and there will be nobody nearby to feel bothered. During the summer, the party moves on the deck!

3. Air, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe and Air is always full of music enthusiasts every night. The club has three rooms and in each one you feel you are entering a different club. Air is located conveniently near Rembrandt Square and the Void sound system makes it possible to hear the music coming from every corner of the dance floor. Air is considered a place “with an international look and feel”, which represents “tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality, and freedom.” Other aspects people appreciate about this club include the spacious entry, the electronic lockers where you can store your belongings, and the maximum capacity of 1300.

Girls on heels

4. The Villa, Oslo

This club is the favourite of those who like techno and underground tech house. The programming is done by Nils Noa and aside from the great DJs that are regulars at this venue quality new acts are also welcome. The Villa is discreet because of its basement location and side entry. However, the club stretches under two buildings and can host 600 music lovers. It’s the kind of club where the atmosphere gets crowded and sticky, so don’t dress up and just enjoy the music instead.

5. Badaboum, Paris

Although the place used to be a concert hall called La Scène Bastille, it has changed significantly and the music is nothing mainstream. Just like in most successful clubs these days, every room has its particular ambience and the good thing is you can go to a quiet room where you can chat with your friends. The music will not smash your ears, no matter in what side of the club you are. Badaboum hosts both big international names and talented local DJs and surprises guests with its last room, located on the first floor, which looks like a living room and contains old arcade video games.

DJ using Turntable

6. Egg, London

Egg in London is an excellent club and it would deserve more attention, while living in the shadow of Fabric. Here you can listen to the best techno and house music until 10 am. During summer, the main room is transforming into a chilling rooftop area. If you care about your safety, you can confidently go to Egg, because people go through a complete body search at the entrance – apparently you also need to remove your shoes during the check because security is very strict. Some of the artists scheduled to perform at the Egg this spring are Michael Calfan, Sinisa Tamamovic, Claptone, and Harvey McKay among many others.

7. Cross Club, Prague

Cross Club in Prague, The Czech Republic, is located in the centre of the city and has an unusual aspect due to the waste metal, wood, and old ceramic that have been recycled and used to create a particular look for this club. Here you can expect quality events where people really dance and if you are hungry, there is a restaurant, as well as a fast-food, where you can have a variety of dishes. People who come to Cross Club always notice the beautiful wall light behind the DJ and if you have something good or bad to say about the venue, you can sign its online guestbook.

Club Audience

Have you ever been to any of these clubs? Where are you going for your next party while visiting Europe?

Music trends to watch in 2017

When it comes to fields that require creativity, only the sky is the limit. Musicians and other artists are constantly surprising us with innovations and new music trends, and what was fashionable years ago can also be re-used in an updated manner to make today’s music even more spellbinding. Here is what to expect from 2017 in terms of music:

Electronic Keyboard

The way music is being launched will continue to evolve

Music is not being launched anymore in albums, as we used to know. Artists can simply launch new pieces of music online, on websites like YouTube or Spotify, and in even more unconventional manners – take the example of London artist Beatie Wolfe, who has launched an album as a series of digitally interactive cards.

Holograms of dead or fictional artists

Artists are not necessarily living persons anymore – this may sound crazy, but the key is holograms. For instance, Tupac had a duet with Snoop and Dre in 2012 at Coachella, and Japan has a completely holographic pop-star called Hatsune Miku.

More people will be streaming instead of buying

Download sales are declining and the trend is so powerful that in December 2016, for the first time, sales of vinyl outnumbered download sales in the UK. It’s not that people are buying vinyl in large numbers again, but they are not buying anymore and prefer to stream instead.

Headphones and Mic for home recording

Artists will start their career very young

Artists who are not even 18 are recording albums, and some of the best examples are the band 5 Seconds of Summer, whose members were born from 1994 to 1996, and New Zealand Artist Lorde who became a global sensation at 16 years.

Experiential will continue to be a big thing in music

Brands are looking into new ways of advertising to music fans, knowing that already traditional methods like placing ads on YouTube are failing. So, instead of interrupting consumers’ streaming pleasures, companies are considering ways to provide branded experiences. A recent example is that of Heineken, which implemented a smart campaign in 2016 – wearers of customized Heineken wrist-bands were able to control the music that was being played at festivals in a campaign called “Takeover”.

Grime will become increasingly popular

This genre has started to leave its place of origin and spread all over the world. Grime emerged in East London in the early 2000s and draws influences from hip hop, raga, UK garage and jungle, and Jamaican dancehall. Representative artists include Wiley, Kano, Lethal Bizzle, Dizzee Rascal, Jme, Novelist, Skepta, Ghetts, and Roll Deep among others. In the last couple of years, grime has started to become popular in North America and its international growth is getting faster and faster.

Making songs “Spotifyable”

Fans are no longer buying their favourite artists’ CDs and instead listen to music online, on websites where they pay a subscription to have access to a variety of tracks in a legal and convenient manner. This transfer towards online has changed the way music industry evaluates product performance. If years ago you could just see how well an album sold, these days you have access to data such as what kind of users have accessed a song, for how many times they have listened to it, or when did they press skip if they decided they didn’t like the music. As a result, artists and producers are focusing on ways to make music pieces more suitable for online playing. Making music a sort of click-bait is deplored by many artists, and yet the trend is on the rise and it seems like it will not fade any time soon.

Music will get more political

The world is not a very peaceful or calm place from the political point of view these days, and this will probably reflect in music as well. Instead of feel-good or melancholic lyrics, the music in the post-Brexit and post-US elections will use political topics more often. Artists who are interested in what’s happening in the world and want to be honest will start to reflect their feelings or anger and confusion in the music they write.

Listening on a Music device

Streaming will actually make things move more slowly

The world is moving faster and faster, and yet the emergence of new music styles is expected to slow down because of streaming. The editor of Popjustice, Peter Robinson, considers that “Now there’s more of a narrative to how a song is discovered because it takes so long for something to rise up and fade away through streaming services. By the same token, it will take longer for musical scenes to percolate. Traditional channels of music discovery have always had to decide what styles they’re going to cover and present to people, which usually changes every year or two.”

These predictions make the musical scene an increasingly fascinating place to watch; we are curious how many of these music trends will really become prominent in 2017, if not all will turn out to be true.

10 less-known facts about 10 famous DJs

DJs – they have a fascinating lifestyle, the travel a lot, and there always seems to be some mystery attached to their figures. They make it to tabloid news more rarely and are less known to the general public – if you are a fan of club music, you’ll have to look up information about these artists on the Internet and follow them on social networks for the latest news. For your entertainment, here are some less-known facts about the most successful DJs of the moment:

1. DJ Snake – quit school at age 15

DJ Snake in the Club

DJ Snake was born and raised in Paris, France. He started to DJ when he was 14 and the next year he gave up on his studies to work in one of the most famous record shops in Paris. There he met artists like DJ Cutkiller, who became one of his mentors.

2. Nora En Pure – she would consider mixing just a hobby again

The South-African born artist Nora En Pure says she doesn’t identify herself with her career and she does music because she likes it. But, if one day nobody would be interested in her work anymore, music could go back to being just a hobby again. The reason is that she doesn’t want to force anything and she prefers to “take things as they come”.

3. DJ Khaled – owns thousands of sneakers

DJ Khaled being interviewed

DJ Khaled is known for owning thousands of pairs of sneakers and he often posts about his footwear on social media. Since his favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, his favorite shoes are the Jordan 3. The closet where he keeps his sneakers is larger than some people’s bedrooms and he stores his most precious items in a specially built trunk.

4. DJ Vas – watches ‘Cat Falls and Fails’ videos on YouTube

The famous turntablist says his favorite hobby is his job and even in his spare time he likes to mix in order to relax. But, when he’s not doing music, he likes to spend time at his Playstation, to practice jet ski, to travel on a scooter looking for nice restaurants, and to watch ‘Cat Falls and Fails’ videos on YouTube – and he doesn’t really have a reason for that.

5. DJ Mustard – started his career at 11

In the Show of DJ Mustard

This Los Angeles-based songwriter, DJ, and record producer is famous in the hip hop community – what fans may not know is that DJ Mustard mixed for the first time when he was 11 – his uncle let him DJ in a family party.

6. Martin Garrix – he can’t dance at all

Martin Garrix is one of the youngest and most famous DJs in the world, ranking on the first positions of Top 100 lists. The Dutch DJ is a shy person, and for this reason he only sings when he’s in the shower and confesses he was super shy to use the microphone when he first started touring. Moreover, he doesn’t dance, although his music definitely inspires fans to let it go on the dance floor.

7. DJ Zinhle – has a fear of balloons

DJ Zinhle is one of the few female artists in the world of deejay, and her stage name comes from her real name, Ntombezinhle, which means “beautiful girls”. An unusual fact about this talented DJ and mother of little girl Kairo is that she is afraid of balloons: “This one time at McDonald’s, I could smell them and I had a panic attack”. The fear of balloons actually has a scientific name – globophobia.

8.DJ Cuppy – Lagos is her favorite city of all

The Nigerian music producer has been active since 2013 and she is currently living in London, after just graduating from New York University with a Master’s Degree in music business. Yet, her favorite city in the world is Lagos, Nigeria. It is the largest city of Africa and a major financial center on the continent. DJ Cuppy always travels in a bullet proof car whenever she is in Nigeria though.

9. DJ Thomas James – he almost quit deejaying for his ex-girlfriend

DJ Thomas James confesses he was almost persuaded to quit his musical career by an ex-girlfriend whom he dated for three years. She didn’t enjoy his lifestyle and did not think that mixing would take Thomas anywhere. It looks like she was wrong, and while she is probably working a regular job, Thomas is pursuing the passion of his life.

10. DJ Flume – started mixing because of a cereal box

One of the hottest Australian DJs has some nice memories from his childhood. Apart from playing the saxophone in a school band for 9 years and singing in a choir, the talented musician considered mixing as a passion after getting a free music production disk in a box of Nutrigrain cereal. He started to play with it and became interested in electronic music.
These interesting facts show that DJs may have glamorous lives, but in many aspects they are normal people just like everyone else. And, more than that, their personal histories tell us that one should always pursue his passion when they have a special feel for music or any other activity.

12 new music genres you should know about

Would you like to improve the level of your conversations about music? Or be up to date with the latest trends? Music genres is one of those topics that can keep a conversation running for hours, and finding more about emerging genres can take you to your next favourite song and provide you the tune that will keep you wired all day long. Some of the genre names listed below may sound bizarre, but one thing is for sure – music genres are getting more and more specific, because the world music is more diverse than ever at this day and age. Here are some new genres to watch this year:

1. Dark Bass

Dark bass is an underground music genre found at the crossroad between bass, triphop, and industrial. The genre is derived from electronic dance music but with notes from other more organic music forms. A good example of Dark Bass is this cover for Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box.

Pitbull wearing sunglasses

2. Country Dance Music

A well-known song can be included in the Country Dance Music genre – Pitbull’s Timber ft. Ke$ha – vocals and melodies that are folk or country are mixed with electronic production.

3. Nerdcore

Nerdcore can be defined as hip hop music for nerds – topics in such songs are science fiction and computer games. Sounds pretty funny, but it’s an actual music genre.

4. Progressive heavy electro rock

Many people think rock is dead, but a new type of rock music seems to emerge every year. For instance, progressive heavy electro rock, which combines elements of metal, rock, and EDM. Common instruments used for this genre are guitars, saw waves, and wobbles bass. Representatives of this genre are Linkin Park, Starset, The Maniac Agenda, Celldweller, and Blue Stahli.

5. Dubstazz

Dubstazz is a mix of dubstep or electronic music produced by DJs and traditional blues and jazz elements. Moby is a pioneer of dubstazz, but it took names like RJD2 and Pretty Lights to make this genre what is today. Other names to be included in this genre are Gramatik, Big Gigantic, and Free The Robots.

Lana Del Rey singing

6. Heroine pop

This genre is for young women who prefer an unglamorous version of adolescence, love, and broken hearts – instead of Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, this genre includes names like Sky Ferreira or Lorde. Other representatives of this trashy music genre derived from pop are Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea, and Charli XCX.

7. Air pop

This genre emerged from triphop’s golden period, and was developed by artists like Housey, Lauren Stone, Lordes, and The Neighborhood, after the dice were cast years ago by Hooverphonic, Massive Attach, and Portishead. Lauren Stone’s Sandman is a tune you can listen to if you want a sample of Air Pop.

8. Slouch Rock

Mac playing his guitar live

The elements defining this genre are an alternative rock background, the mid tempo, male vocals in a lazy style, and electric guitar. Slouch Rock songs definitely do not sound conventional at all, but there seems to be place for this specific music genre as well. Representative artists include Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile, Widowspeak, and King Krule.

9. Melodic Bass

An increasingly popular music genre is Melodic Bass, defined by breaking beats, inspiring vocals, and high rising melodies. Artists like Said the Sky, Kasbo, Skrux, and Illenium are gaining more and more notoriety and heading for the big stages.

10. Experimental Trap

The beat-driven side of the musical scene is gaining increased prominence in the last years. Experimental Trap, along with Future Bass, uses instrumental-focused sounds and has already reached the stage where it delivers midi-driven performances and full live orchestras. Within this genre you will find names like Louis The Child, Sam Gellaitry, Diversa, Flying Lotus, Sango, and Shlomo.

11. Tech House

Those who are passionate about dance music have probably heard before about this genre characterized by a minimalistic style. The combination between techno and house is recognizable in music produced by names like Loco Dice, The Martinez Brothers, and Maceo Plex.

12. Bass House

Represented by DJ Q, Taiki Nulight, Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants, and many others, this new age music genre has originated in UK where it is promoted by stations like BBC Radio One Xtra. Bass House has extended to the US where it was embraced by artists such as AC Slater, JAUZ, Drezo, Ghastly, and Dr. Fresch.

It can be observed that many of these genres have evolved from EDM (electronic dance music); all kinds of influences, from organic to synth, have been juxtaposed to EDM to deliver a variety of sounds for the extremely varied audience we have nowadays. Another pole in the musical landscape when it comes to creating new hybrids is rock – this everlasting genre will never die and continues to generate new subgenres that will keep audiences inspired and entertained. What about you, which of these new music genres do you enjoy and why? How do you expect the music scenery to evolve in the future?

7 DJs to watch in 2017

Every year brings a fresh wave of talent to look for in the world of music, and the artists that will make your musical year in 2017 may not even be very well-known right now. Things move very fast nowadays and DJs can become prominent in a matter of weeks if they are the right person at the right place and at the right moment. Here are some artists to watch for in 2017 if you are looking for an extraordinary dance floor experience:

1. Nicolas Jaar

Mixing on his laptop

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-American artist based in New York who has released two studio albums so far, Space Is Only Noise (2011) and Sirens (2016). His debut album received widespread critical acclaim and since that moment he has been pushing limits and becoming more and more successful – Jaar has scored the soundtrack of Dheepan, a film about a family of refugees living in the suburbs of Paris awarded with the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2015, and he has founded the New York-based imprint Other People, which is already known for multiple notable releases.

2. Tchami

The French music producer is best known for being the pioneer of the Future House genre and for wearing the black shirt and white collar of a clergyman during his shows. His music is recognizable by the heavily synthetic beats and hid discography includes an extended play, After Life EP (2015), 5 singles, and multiple remixes. Tchami also has production credits for titles of artists such as Lady Gaga or DJ Snake.

3. Julia Govor

Julia on Gig
Image credit:

Julia Govor started her career in the Russian town called Abkhazia where she performed at a local nightclub. Govor also used to sing in a military band called Moryachka and performed Russian songs every week. Although she started mixing on cassettes and her musical background was not necessarily similar to that of most DJs, she started to take mixing gigs in 2010 and developed a style described as “deep melodic techno”.

4. Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat is a Norwegian DJ actually called Magnus August Høiberg who is also a record producer and a turntablist. He emerged on the international scene in 2012 with remixes and song edits after Jeremith, 2 Chainz, and Lana Del Rey. A debut EP called Mirror Maru was released in 2012, and a debut studio album is scheduled for 2017. Out of Cashmere Cat’s more recent activities we mention the release of the Love Incredible song (feat. Camila Cabello) on iTumes, Spotify, and YouTube in February 2017. His music combines dance music and hip-hop production elements and has already earned him major collaborations with Ludacris and Wiz Khalifa.

5. AJ Tracey

AJ on Photoshoot

AJ Tracey may be new to your ears, but music is an old business for him, as he has been rapping since he was 6 years old. In 2016, the English grime MC from west London has been described as one of the best new acts in the UK by The Guardian. His music is online since 2011, and his debut mixtape, Didn’t Make the Cut, was released in September 2012 and features 21 British hip hop and grime songs. His second grime EP, Alex Moran, was released in December 2015. AJ Tracey’s music is influenced by Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Yellowcard.

6. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix at the show

Some DJs are too young to enter the clubs where they are mixing, such as Martijn Gerard Garritsen, best known as Martin Garrix or Mar+in Garri×. The Dutch DJ was born in 1996, and he released his first most successful track, Animals, when he was just 17 years old. Animals peaked at number 21 on Billboards’s Hot 100, and this item brought the young DJ stardom in 2013. His career started by playing guitar at age 8 and his interest in mixing was caused by seeing Tiësto performing at the Olympic games in Athens. Garrix has graduated from a production school in Utrecht, the Herman Brood Academy. His discography is already impressive and upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber was announced for 2017.

7. Porter Robinson

Porter Robison is a DJ, musician, and record producer playing genres like electro house, dubstep, and synthpop. The American DJ was considered one of electro house’s brightest hopes until he chose his way and followed his personal style in Worlds. Robinson has been influenced by video gaming music, by anime, and by the Japanese culture. Three of his records made it to number one on Beatport’s overall chart before he was even 21. One of the last materials released by Porter Robinson was Shelter, in collaboration with his musician friend Madeon.

There are many talented young DJs to be included in such a list, and we are looking forward to finding your opinion on the names that should be mentioned here. Who else should have made it to this list? Which of these upcoming names are you familiar with?

Top 3 Songs Most Used in Movies and Television

Ever noticed some of those songs that frequent the big screen? Well, we’ve narrowed down the songs that were used in countless scenes and opening lines.

Check out these top three songs must use in movies and television.

#3 The Beegees – Stayin’Alive

Famously known for its tune on Saturday Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive is one of the most recognized songs in cinema history. The tune is often played when characters strut down the streets with style. You can hear the song being featured in iconic films such as Naked Hun, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Baby Geniuses, Glee and Sherlock.

#2 George Thorogood and the Destroyers – Bad to the bone

As the title suggests, this song is meant for serious bad boys and girls you don’t want to mess with. One of the most famous films that play this song is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Its upbeat tone lets viewers feel the impact of the characters. You can also hear this song play in films and series that include: Hawaii Five-O, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, and 3,000 Miles to Graceland.

#1 Steppenwolf – Born to Be Wild

No matter how old you are, Born to be Wild is a hit song for nearly all genres. This song is even considered as the go-to song for road trips and parties and it is easy to see why. The fun, catchy tune builds up in your head and works best for hitting the highway. The hit song has been used in more than 100 films and TV series with no sign of stopping. You can hear this song in movies including Borat, Problem Child, Six Feet under, Las Vegas, One Crazy Summer, and Wild America.

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5 Bands Who Changed the Music Industry

Throughout the decades, the music industry has gained many iconic musical bands and artists. However, some of them have made a lasting impact on the music and society today. In this list, we have narrowed down the top six bands that helped shaped the industry and made music their own.

Here are five bands that changed the music industry.

Elvis Presley

Famously known as the King of Rock, Elvis Presley was one of the original creators of Rock N’ Roll music. His influence made a strong role in both culture and music. Not only did he influence a new genre of music but also dance, which is now a staple move in music.

The Beatles

Soon after the reign of the King of Pop, Beatle mania erupted. The Beatles become the most famous English rock band and perhaps the most famous band of all time. They still hold the record for the most consecutive #1 hit as the best-selling band in all of music history.

Bob Dylan

Known for his unique and originality, Bob Dylan never tied down to a single genre. He started as a folk singer, then gradually combined electric instruments with blending genres to follow. This dynamic musician experimented with almost every type of music including Irish folk and jazz. His famous hit “Like a Rolling Stone” is still a popular song to this day.

James Brown

Most notoriously known for his funk rock genre, James Brown was named the Godfather of Soul. His career lasted over six decades as his stage presence made the title. He talked about segregation and quickly became a cultural icon.

Jimi Hendrix

Imagine the world within Jimi Hendrix’ infamous electric tunes from his guitar. While his career lasted less than five years, his influence made a strong impact that still continues to this day. Not only did Hendrix earn his reputation as the most influential electrical guitarist of all time.

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Top 4 Best-Selling Albums of All Time

Music has been around for ages and chances are, they’ve been around longer than we can imagine. As new technology emerges, so does the growth in music. On that note, we’ve listed down some of the best albums from talented artists.
Check out these top 4 best-selling albums of all time.

#4 Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin IV – $22 million

Already established as a famous rock back, their fourth album led them to build their status of rock legends in 1971. Fans immediately engaged in the album that has established their most famous singles. Their timeless hit, “Stairway to Heaven,” became one of the top “Best Rock Songs of All Time.”

Best Songs on the Album: Rock and Roll, Black Dog, and Stairway to Heaven.

#3 Pink Floyd’s The Wall – $23 million

As the darkest album on the list, the 1979 album tells the story of Roger Waters, the founder, and songwriter of Pink Floyd. As a story of loneliness and despair, songs talk about drugs, alienation and the emotions that reflect his struggles. In 1982, a cult motion picture was created based on the album.

Best Songs on the Album: Hey You, Another Brick in The Wall, and Comfortably Numb

#2 Michael Jackson’s Thriller – $26 million

World-renowned, Michael Jackson’s Thriller album became one of the best-selling albums of all time. However, it was not the top-selling album in America. As Quincy jones produced the album, it won 8 Grammys and even made 7 Top 10 singles. While this wasn’t Jackson’s first effort, it was the album that paved his way to pop king status.

Best Songs on the Album: Beat It, Billie Jean, and Thriller.

#1 The Eagles’ Greatest Hits ‘71-75 – $28 million

Before the classic hit “Hotel California” was even released, the Eagles had even hit to last a lifetime in the music industry. Their mix of country, folk, and rock make a revolutionary sound that soon became associated with California tunes. The collaboration with Glenn Frey and Don Henley produced skillful songs that we hard to beat during their day. Since their greatest hits, countless bands have made an effort to imitate their unique style.

Best Songs on the Album: Take It Easy, Desperado, and Lying’ Eyes.

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