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10 less-known facts about 10 famous DJs

DJs – they have a fascinating lifestyle, the travel a lot, and there always seems to be some mystery attached to their figures. They make it to tabloid news more rarely and are less known to the general public – if you are a fan of club music, you’ll have to look up information about these artists on the Internet and follow them on social networks for the latest news. For your entertainment, here are some less-known facts about the most successful DJs of the moment:

1. DJ Snake – quit school at age 15

DJ Snake in the Club

DJ Snake was born and raised in Paris, France. He started to DJ when he was 14 and the next year he gave up on his studies to work in one of the most famous record shops in Paris. There he met artists like DJ Cutkiller, who became one of his mentors.

2. Nora En Pure – she would consider mixing just a hobby again

The South-African born artist Nora En Pure says she doesn’t identify herself with her career and she does music because she likes it. But, if one day nobody would be interested in her work anymore, music could go back to being just a hobby again. The reason is that she doesn’t want to force anything and she prefers to “take things as they come”.

3. DJ Khaled – owns thousands of sneakers

DJ Khaled being interviewed

DJ Khaled is known for owning thousands of pairs of sneakers and he often posts about his footwear on social media. Since his favorite athlete is Michael Jordan, his favorite shoes are the Jordan 3. The closet where he keeps his sneakers is larger than some people’s bedrooms and he stores his most precious items in a specially built trunk.

4. DJ Vas – watches ‘Cat Falls and Fails’ videos on YouTube

The famous turntablist says his favorite hobby is his job and even in his spare time he likes to mix in order to relax. But, when he’s not doing music, he likes to spend time at his Playstation, to practice jet ski, to travel on a scooter looking for nice restaurants, and to watch ‘Cat Falls and Fails’ videos on YouTube – and he doesn’t really have a reason for that.

5. DJ Mustard – started his career at 11

In the Show of DJ Mustard

This Los Angeles-based songwriter, DJ, and record producer is famous in the hip hop community – what fans may not know is that DJ Mustard mixed for the first time when he was 11 – his uncle let him DJ in a family party.

6. Martin Garrix – he can’t dance at all

Martin Garrix is one of the youngest and most famous DJs in the world, ranking on the first positions of Top 100 lists. The Dutch DJ is a shy person, and for this reason he only sings when he’s in the shower and confesses he was super shy to use the microphone when he first started touring. Moreover, he doesn’t dance, although his music definitely inspires fans to let it go on the dance floor.

7. DJ Zinhle – has a fear of balloons

DJ Zinhle is one of the few female artists in the world of deejay, and her stage name comes from her real name, Ntombezinhle, which means “beautiful girls”. An unusual fact about this talented DJ and mother of little girl Kairo is that she is afraid of balloons: “This one time at McDonald’s, I could smell them and I had a panic attack”. The fear of balloons actually has a scientific name – globophobia.

8.DJ Cuppy – Lagos is her favorite city of all

The Nigerian music producer has been active since 2013 and she is currently living in London, after just graduating from New York University with a Master’s Degree in music business. Yet, her favorite city in the world is Lagos, Nigeria. It is the largest city of Africa and a major financial center on the continent. DJ Cuppy always travels in a bullet proof car whenever she is in Nigeria though.

9. DJ Thomas James – he almost quit deejaying for his ex-girlfriend

DJ Thomas James confesses he was almost persuaded to quit his musical career by an ex-girlfriend whom he dated for three years. She didn’t enjoy his lifestyle and did not think that mixing would take Thomas anywhere. It looks like she was wrong, and while she is probably working a regular job, Thomas is pursuing the passion of his life.

10. DJ Flume – started mixing because of a cereal box

One of the hottest Australian DJs has some nice memories from his childhood. Apart from playing the saxophone in a school band for 9 years and singing in a choir, the talented musician considered mixing as a passion after getting a free music production disk in a box of Nutrigrain cereal. He started to play with it and became interested in electronic music.
These interesting facts show that DJs may have glamorous lives, but in many aspects they are normal people just like everyone else. And, more than that, their personal histories tell us that one should always pursue his passion when they have a special feel for music or any other activity.

7 DJs to watch in 2017

Every year brings a fresh wave of talent to look for in the world of music, and the artists that will make your musical year in 2017 may not even be very well-known right now. Things move very fast nowadays and DJs can become prominent in a matter of weeks if they are the right person at the right place and at the right moment. Here are some artists to watch for in 2017 if you are looking for an extraordinary dance floor experience:

1. Nicolas Jaar

Mixing on his laptop

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-American artist based in New York who has released two studio albums so far, Space Is Only Noise (2011) and Sirens (2016). His debut album received widespread critical acclaim and since that moment he has been pushing limits and becoming more and more successful – Jaar has scored the soundtrack of Dheepan, a film about a family of refugees living in the suburbs of Paris awarded with the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2015, and he has founded the New York-based imprint Other People, which is already known for multiple notable releases.

2. Tchami

The French music producer is best known for being the pioneer of the Future House genre and for wearing the black shirt and white collar of a clergyman during his shows. His music is recognizable by the heavily synthetic beats and hid discography includes an extended play, After Life EP (2015), 5 singles, and multiple remixes. Tchami also has production credits for titles of artists such as Lady Gaga or DJ Snake.

3. Julia Govor

Julia on Gig
Image credit:

Julia Govor started her career in the Russian town called Abkhazia where she performed at a local nightclub. Govor also used to sing in a military band called Moryachka and performed Russian songs every week. Although she started mixing on cassettes and her musical background was not necessarily similar to that of most DJs, she started to take mixing gigs in 2010 and developed a style described as “deep melodic techno”.

4. Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat is a Norwegian DJ actually called Magnus August Høiberg who is also a record producer and a turntablist. He emerged on the international scene in 2012 with remixes and song edits after Jeremith, 2 Chainz, and Lana Del Rey. A debut EP called Mirror Maru was released in 2012, and a debut studio album is scheduled for 2017. Out of Cashmere Cat’s more recent activities we mention the release of the Love Incredible song (feat. Camila Cabello) on iTumes, Spotify, and YouTube in February 2017. His music combines dance music and hip-hop production elements and has already earned him major collaborations with Ludacris and Wiz Khalifa.

5. AJ Tracey

AJ on Photoshoot

AJ Tracey may be new to your ears, but music is an old business for him, as he has been rapping since he was 6 years old. In 2016, the English grime MC from west London has been described as one of the best new acts in the UK by The Guardian. His music is online since 2011, and his debut mixtape, Didn’t Make the Cut, was released in September 2012 and features 21 British hip hop and grime songs. His second grime EP, Alex Moran, was released in December 2015. AJ Tracey’s music is influenced by Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Yellowcard.

6. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix at the show

Some DJs are too young to enter the clubs where they are mixing, such as Martijn Gerard Garritsen, best known as Martin Garrix or Mar+in Garri×. The Dutch DJ was born in 1996, and he released his first most successful track, Animals, when he was just 17 years old. Animals peaked at number 21 on Billboards’s Hot 100, and this item brought the young DJ stardom in 2013. His career started by playing guitar at age 8 and his interest in mixing was caused by seeing Tiësto performing at the Olympic games in Athens. Garrix has graduated from a production school in Utrecht, the Herman Brood Academy. His discography is already impressive and upcoming collaboration with Justin Bieber was announced for 2017.

7. Porter Robinson

Porter Robison is a DJ, musician, and record producer playing genres like electro house, dubstep, and synthpop. The American DJ was considered one of electro house’s brightest hopes until he chose his way and followed his personal style in Worlds. Robinson has been influenced by video gaming music, by anime, and by the Japanese culture. Three of his records made it to number one on Beatport’s overall chart before he was even 21. One of the last materials released by Porter Robinson was Shelter, in collaboration with his musician friend Madeon.

There are many talented young DJs to be included in such a list, and we are looking forward to finding your opinion on the names that should be mentioned here. Who else should have made it to this list? Which of these upcoming names are you familiar with?