Would you like to improve the level of your conversations about music? Or be up to date with the latest trends? Music genres is one of those topics that can keep a conversation running for hours, and finding more about emerging genres can take you to your next favourite song and provide you the tune that will keep you wired all day long. Some of the genre names listed below may sound bizarre, but one thing is for sure – music genres are getting more and more specific, because the world music is more diverse than ever at this day and age. Here are some new genres to watch this year:

1. Dark Bass

Dark bass is an underground music genre found at the crossroad between bass, triphop, and industrial. The genre is derived from electronic dance music but with notes from other more organic music forms. A good example of Dark Bass is this cover for Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box.

Pitbull wearing sunglasses

2. Country Dance Music

A well-known song can be included in the Country Dance Music genre – Pitbull’s Timber ft. Ke$ha – vocals and melodies that are folk or country are mixed with electronic production.

3. Nerdcore

Nerdcore can be defined as hip hop music for nerds – topics in such songs are science fiction and computer games. Sounds pretty funny, but it’s an actual music genre.

4. Progressive heavy electro rock

Many people think rock is dead, but a new type of rock music seems to emerge every year. For instance, progressive heavy electro rock, which combines elements of metal, rock, and EDM. Common instruments used for this genre are guitars, saw waves, and wobbles bass. Representatives of this genre are Linkin Park, Starset, The Maniac Agenda, Celldweller, and Blue Stahli.

5. Dubstazz

Dubstazz is a mix of dubstep or electronic music produced by DJs and traditional blues and jazz elements. Moby is a pioneer of dubstazz, but it took names like RJD2 and Pretty Lights to make this genre what is today. Other names to be included in this genre are Gramatik, Big Gigantic, and Free The Robots.

Lana Del Rey singing

6. Heroine pop

This genre is for young women who prefer an unglamorous version of adolescence, love, and broken hearts – instead of Katy Perry or Taylor Swift, this genre includes names like Sky Ferreira or Lorde. Other representatives of this trashy music genre derived from pop are Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea, and Charli XCX.

7. Air pop

This genre emerged from triphop’s golden period, and was developed by artists like Housey, Lauren Stone, Lordes, and The Neighborhood, after the dice were cast years ago by Hooverphonic, Massive Attach, and Portishead. Lauren Stone’s Sandman is a tune you can listen to if you want a sample of Air Pop.

8. Slouch Rock

Mac playing his guitar live

The elements defining this genre are an alternative rock background, the mid tempo, male vocals in a lazy style, and electric guitar. Slouch Rock songs definitely do not sound conventional at all, but there seems to be place for this specific music genre as well. Representative artists include Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile, Widowspeak, and King Krule.

9. Melodic Bass

An increasingly popular music genre is Melodic Bass, defined by breaking beats, inspiring vocals, and high rising melodies. Artists like Said the Sky, Kasbo, Skrux, and Illenium are gaining more and more notoriety and heading for the big stages.

10. Experimental Trap

The beat-driven side of the musical scene is gaining increased prominence in the last years. Experimental Trap, along with Future Bass, uses instrumental-focused sounds and has already reached the stage where it delivers midi-driven performances and full live orchestras. Within this genre you will find names like Louis The Child, Sam Gellaitry, Diversa, Flying Lotus, Sango, and Shlomo.

11. Tech House

Those who are passionate about dance music have probably heard before about this genre characterized by a minimalistic style. The combination between techno and house is recognizable in music produced by names like Loco Dice, The Martinez Brothers, and Maceo Plex.

12. Bass House

Represented by DJ Q, Taiki Nulight, Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants, and many others, this new age music genre has originated in UK where it is promoted by stations like BBC Radio One Xtra. Bass House has extended to the US where it was embraced by artists such as AC Slater, JAUZ, Drezo, Ghastly, and Dr. Fresch.

It can be observed that many of these genres have evolved from EDM (electronic dance music); all kinds of influences, from organic to synth, have been juxtaposed to EDM to deliver a variety of sounds for the extremely varied audience we have nowadays. Another pole in the musical landscape when it comes to creating new hybrids is rock – this everlasting genre will never die and continues to generate new subgenres that will keep audiences inspired and entertained. What about you, which of these new music genres do you enjoy and why? How do you expect the music scenery to evolve in the future?