Throughout the decades, the music industry has gained many iconic musical bands and artists. However, some of them have made a lasting impact on the music and society today. In this list, we have narrowed down the top six bands that helped shaped the industry and made music their own.

Here are five bands that changed the music industry.

Elvis Presley

Famously known as the King of Rock, Elvis Presley was one of the original creators of Rock N’ Roll music. His influence made a strong role in both culture and music. Not only did he influence a new genre of music but also dance, which is now a staple move in music.

The Beatles

Soon after the reign of the King of Pop, Beatle mania erupted. The Beatles become the most famous English rock band and perhaps the most famous band of all time. They still hold the record for the most consecutive #1 hit as the best-selling band in all of music history.

Bob Dylan

Known for his unique and originality, Bob Dylan never tied down to a single genre. He started as a folk singer, then gradually combined electric instruments with blending genres to follow. This dynamic musician experimented with almost every type of music including Irish folk and jazz. His famous hit “Like a Rolling Stone” is still a popular song to this day.

James Brown

Most notoriously known for his funk rock genre, James Brown was named the Godfather of Soul. His career lasted over six decades as his stage presence made the title. He talked about segregation and quickly became a cultural icon.

Jimi Hendrix

Imagine the world within Jimi Hendrix’ infamous electric tunes from his guitar. While his career lasted less than five years, his influence made a strong impact that still continues to this day. Not only did Hendrix earn his reputation as the most influential electrical guitarist of all time.

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