The musical world is an immensely-fascinating place, and for the last century, since a variety of music genres have developed, people have watched their favourite artists and tried to find out more about their careers. This website concentrates on contemporary music with a focus on EDM and club music, and is dedicated to anyone who would like to find out more about musicians and their work. Here are the main titles on our website:

  • DJs to watch in 2017
  • New music genres you should know about
  • Less-known facts about famous DJs
  • Music trends to watch in 2017
  • Some of the best music clubs in Europe
  • Huge music festivals from all over the world
  • Artists who have changed their musical style significantly

Music concert

The articles on this website do not claim to be exhaustive, but instead aim to provide some interesting facts about contemporary music to anyone who is interested in this form of art. Our materials focus, however, on commercially-successful music, and will disclose the following captivating facts to anyone reading them:

  • What are some of the youngest successful DJs in the world
  • What are some trending female DJs to watch this year
  • Mainstream collaborations of successful DJs
  • What new genre is at the crossroad between bass, trip hop, and industrial
  • To what musical genre belongs Pitbull’s song “Timber”
  • What are some new genres emerging from rock
  • What music genre is represented by Lorde, Lana DeL Rey, and Iggy Azalea
  • What pop genre emerged from trip hop
  • What are some examples of tech house artists
  • Which famous DJ quit school at age 15
  • What female DJ would go back to mixing as a hobby if she ceased to be successful
  • What famous DJ owns thousands of sneakers
  • What DJ started his career at age 11 by mixing at a family party
  • What young DJ is very shy and can’t dance at all
  • What female DJ has a fear of balloons
  • What DJ almost quit mixing because of an ex-girlfriend
  • What Australian DJ started mixing because of a cereal box
  • How the way music is being launched has changed
  • What hologram artists are
  • How artists start their career very young
  • How grime is raising to popularity worldwide
  • How online music services are influencing the ways songs are being written
  • How music is expected to become more political
  • What other influences music streaming has
  • What is the best known music club in Lithuania
  • In what Serbian club you are dancing on a boat
  • Which is one of the best clubs in Amsterdam
  • What is another successful London club music aside from Fabric
  • Which is a well-known club in Prague
  • What excellent music festival takes place in Serbia
  • What is the most famous music festival in Switzerland
  • Facts about the Coachella festival in California
  • What is the world’s largest music festival and where it takes place
  • What artist became more successful after giving up on country music
  • What genre did Bob Dylan sing in the 60s
  • What female artist has switched from Christian music to singing “I Kissed A Girl”
  • What artists switched from heavy metal to ballads
  • What music genre Pink originally used to sing

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